Life Skills Development Courses

Our life skills development courses address issues that teens face daily. We provide area teens with a safe space to develop the skills to cope with and work through challenges so that they have the opportunity to thrive in the world around them. Through our programs, youth engage in exercises that address managing emotions, effective communication, conflict resolution, values, goals, job readiness, healthy sex choices, financial literacy, and more.

+ Align

This 3-hour workshop takes teens on an interactive journey of discovery that will help them understand how what they care about, what they do, and where they are trying to go must all Align.  



This 6-week course takes a deep dive into effective communication, conflict resolution, and managing emotions.  Through interactive exercises and current cultural references, we explore the ways our habits in these areas can affect our relationships at home, school, and in the community.  


+ Let’s Unpack the #TurnUp

This 1.5-hour workshop is designed for youth with a specific interest in social justice and community impact.  After a brief peek into the unconventional tactics of the civil and social justice movements the teens will "unpack" what it really means to be a modern day advocate and activist.


+ For the Love of Likes

Today’s teenagers don’t know a world without social media.  Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever the latest apps are, can enhance our life experiences, but when misused, can cause serious, long-lasting damage.  This 2-hour workshop provides opportunities for discussions about the importance of responsible social media use.