Good Ground

It’s a known fact that in order for a seed to bear fruit the soil in which it’s planted must be conducive for growth.  It is our belief that in order for our youth to lead impactful and purposeful lives they must first understand the importance of being responsible for their health.  Good Ground is our holistic health care program that leads teens towards being advocates for their sexual, emotional, and physical health.  Good Ground is our commitment to providing our youth with the skills necessary to cultivate a conducive environment for growth and evolution in their life.  

+ Skylar’s Garden

Skylar's Garden garden is named in honor of our former Seeds program participant who passed away in a tragic car accident in August of 2016.  Through building the garden by hand, planting and nurturing the crops, this service project will help our participants gain sustainability and self-sufficiency skills. A portion of our harvested crops will go home with our program participants to promote healthy eating habits.  A portion will be donated to community members where our facility is located, and the final portion will be sold at a Farmer’s Market.

A portion of the proceeds from the Farmer’s Market will be filtered back into our organization to help sustain our programming in addition to providing our project participants with a stipend for their participation and contribution.  

With the guidance and support of Back to Eden, we hope to expand this initiative and establish urban community gardens around the Midlands.